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Furniture Systems Plus is primarily a furniture systems installation firm founded in 1986, by Tsegai Bemnet Berhane, under the premise of quality assurance, customer satisfaction and integrity. In addition to moving, installation, and warehousing services, FSP's staff is comitted to helping their clients solve management and facility planning issues. Mr. Berhane still serves as President of the company, which enjoys a long-established reputation for integrity and competence throughout the service, financial and business communities of the Southeastern United States, primarily in Florida.


Furniture Systems Plus strives to complete assignments in conformance with the requirements of the Code of Professional Ethics and Standard of Professional Practices.  In addition, the firm also maintains their own standards of quality and excellence.  The President directly supervises all tasks.  All reports and assignments are reviewed by the President and/or designated associates.  Personal preparation of assignments is a long-standing policy of FSP.


Winner of numerous awards, Furniture Systems Plus is considered one of the most respected names in office furniture installation today. It's a respect that is manifested through the numerous awards that the company has received over the years. From Florida Power & Light's Bright Light Award in 2000 to it's third Supplier of the Year Award from the Regional Minority Business Council in 2005, to the many accolades from it's clients, FSP continues to adhere to its proven formula for success, offering competitive rates and a guarentee on all their work. It's a formula that will guarantee FSP's success for the future!


Meet our management team below!

Bemnet Berhane

President & CEO

Mary Zerai

Vice President

Henock Bemnet

Operations Manager

Alex Berhane

Business Development Manager

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